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CHURCH - We will worship HIM...

I want to remind us that, “Church is not the building we walk in, it’s the people that walk in the building!!! Yes, Buildings can be closed for safety and to take care of our family, friends, guests, neighbors, and wonderful senior adults whom we love so much! But, the real “Church” is never closed... DUVAL STATION WILL DEFINITELY BE SUSPENDING ALL OF OUR CURRENT SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES THAT WOULD RESULT IN LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE GATHERING AND PUTTING PRECIOUS LIVES AT RISK. This will be in place from now until Easter Sunday (depending on what our local, state, and federal leadership asks of us). EASTER IS GONNA BE SOME-KINDA-GOOD! Please be in prayer for these leaders and their families. I am so thankful for their relentless effort to keep us safe in this very odd time that we have been faced with.

Sometimes Church services are not held because of lots of snow in an area, sometimes church services are not held because of tornadoes that may possibly hit, and sometimes here in Florida we “hunker down” for days waiting on some wild hurricane to pass by and wish that we had not already eaten all of our “Hurricane snacks.” BUT WE STILL LOVE JESUS and WE ARE STILL THE CHURCH.

WITH THAT SAID - For God’s church, this is “AN OPPORTUNITY FOR GREATNESS!” We are feeding children and youth in need, in the Oceanway area Monday-Friday + Wednesday nights. (They need us.) As your Pastor, I am on site every day throughout the week as well as your ministry assistant and volunteers, with our Chapel and office open. We are currently working hard to better Connect with each of our families. Please call the church office or myself for any needs that you may have.

WORSHIP - Each Sunday at 11:00am a small portion of our worship team and myself will be outside in the beautiful field that God has blessed us with on His property worshiping together, and I will be sharing a “short” message.

Everyone is invited to come take part of this outside worship experience by driving up in your own vehicle and parking anywhere you would like. (keep those cars at a “social distance  y’all” ! Everyone can relax in their own vehicles, sing along with the team, and hear an encouraging word from the Gospel. What a way to love on God!!!

Church, I know that we are all missing that fellowship and encouragement from one another in person, but this will soon pass. Let’s spend every waking hour loving people, encouraging neighbors, checking on seniors, being the real “Church” that He has called us to be!

Belinda and I love each of you with all of our heart.  Pastor jimmy             

A quick look at Duval Station Baptist

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    Whether you are viewing our website as a first experience of our church or you have already attended and now looking for answers, we are eager to enlighten you. Below we provide a quick overview of our services and ministries and then you can dig deeper using the menu below our logo.  If you have already attended our church and filled out the visitor card, then thank you, but if not or you are checking us out for the first time then feel free to complete the online visitor form so we can hopefully make contact with you. 

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  • Sundays

    Sunday activities begin at 9:45 with Sunday Schools for all ages. Morning worship for youth and adults begin at 11am and includes blended worship music and a sermon from God's Word using the New King James Version Bible by Pastor Jimmy Flanagan. Pastor Jimmy is a dynamic preacher and professional vocal music artist. Children through 5th grade have their own worship at 11am. Evening worship begins at 6pm. Children's choir practice also begins at 6pm. Our nursery is open during all regular services.

  • Wednesdays

    Wednesday evening adult worship begins at 7pm and includes music, time for prayer requests and prayer, and a short Bible lesson by Pastor Jimmy. Youth also meet at 7pm and attend in their own youth area. Awana begins at 6:30pm for all children 3 years and older. Our preschool/nursery is available for children under three years old. All activities conclude at 8pm.

  • Ministries

    We offer Bible study for all stages of life from preschool through senior adults. Each area of ministry is as important as the other with focus on learning God's Word and applying it to our lives and passing along God's message through to others. Visit our ministries page to see where you can fit in as a  student, adult, and volunteer.