The Adventures of Tate Tucker

I would like to first dedicate this book to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His gift of salvation is the greatest gift of all.

Secondly, I would like to dedicate this book to my Grandmother, Louise (Fletcher) Thompson. Without her leaving school one day to go down to a local church revival in Calhoun, Georgia and giving her life to Christ, none of this would be possible. Her giving her life to Christ began the adventure that are now known as "The Adventures of Tate Tucker"

Her life told of stories of Christian family values along with growing up on a farm in a family of share croppers. As a child, my grandmother took me to church for the first time and instilled in me Godly values, how to treat people, and how to always find the good in life.

If you take my grandmother's faith, her family, my childhood, Calhoun, Georgia and my hometown of Yulee, Florida, you end up with "The Adventures of Tate Tucker".     Pastor Jimmy Flanagan

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About the Author - Jimmy Flanagan

Jimmy Flanagan is a born again believer in Jesus Christ with a powerful testimony of salvation and God's Grace. He has a heartfelt desire to help teach children through "The Adventures of Tate Tucker" about salvation, family, trust, and prayer.

Jimmy is a pastor, a Christian  singer and songwriter, an author, a loving husband, and father of two Godly children.

He was born and raised in Yulee, Florida where he currently resides today and pastors a local church.